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In 1983, my father Ladislav ONIČ, founded the company Ključavničarstvo ONIČ (Locksmith’s workshop ONIČ), Ladislav ONIČ s.p. He started with various small products for unknown customers, and later for the services of finishing and manufacturing turned semi-finished products for well-known customers.

He owned machines such as:

  • self-standing drilling machine,

  • two semi-automatic lathes,

  • gear shaper (restored himself),

  • eccentric press,

  • the lathe (restored and sold),

  • two milling machines (restored),

  • a grinding machine that (made himself and then sold),

  • planar grinding machine,

  • three turning machines for (made curves for machine himself),

  • wire erosion,

  • submersible erosion.

He bought quite a few machines, repaired them, restored them, and resold them.

Own products that he constructed himself, made prototypes and stimulated the production:

  • "UMBRELLA" or stand for service napkins. He also printed napkins in the color of the Slovenian flag (patent sold),

  • Instrument for tying up fishhooks (not enough sold),

  • Flush bolt for folding doors type “ONIČ”(still owned and sold),

  • “PI clip” is a clip for fixing all types of sanitary and elastic bandages (still owned and sold). He bought the product with the whole company from Mr. Beherana.

In 1997, he decided to buy a new machine - wire erosion, the company CHARMILLESS - type ROBOFIL 290, for which we both have taken a course in Switzerland, at the headquarters of CHARMILLESS and obtained a certificate of basic training for the machine operator.

On January 5, 1998, I terminated my employment in the Slovenian Army, where I served for four years. Immediately after that, I established the company CNC UNIVERZAL machine programming, Nikolaj Onič sp. I opened my own company because the transfer of the family business from son to father was too demanding on paper. I had my own income and not the monthly salary my father would give me. In short, I had as much as I worked. My father manufactured tools and instruments for a known client and I worked in the field of electrical discharge machining. The building expenses covered my father and the maintenance of erosion me. The amount of work on wire erosion increased so much that in 1999 I decided to buy a new wire erosion from the same company, due to the quick and easy integration into the work process. The fact that I was able to buy the machine after 17 months of operation is thanks to my father, who participated as a guarantor of the NoveKBM, which approved the funds for the loan, and customers who trusted our expertise; ORODJARSTVO Gorjak AIDA s.p., ALPOS ORODJARNA d.o.o, Srečko PIRŠ s.p., SATURNUS Orodjarna d.o.o.

Over time, trust in our company began to grow, as evidenced by the number of companies we worked with, which has exceeded 100 over the years.

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